A Very Large Mouse In The House

     I have a mouse in my office.  Yup!  He is very large and very persistent.  I can’t get rid of him.  Truth be told, I don’t really want to get rid of him.  I’ve grown kind of accustomed to having him around.  Some things are like that. 

     In my office, I keep various snack foods.  This is necessary because I have attacks of hunger that quickly make me sick, if I don’t do something to overcome the hunger.  It’s all part of the medical mystery that is me.  The thing is, my hunger attacks do not happen often, but since I sometimes stay up all night, I need to have the food nearby.  I am not keen on walking all the way downstairs.  In the dark.  Alone.  Besides, taking that trip all. the. way. down those stairs. in the dark. alone. is sometimes more than said hunger can deal with and I have dizzy spells.  All this was said just to emphasize the need for me to have food readily available.

     Now, imagine if you can, the boldness of my mouse as he enters, day or night, and sets his sights on one of the tasty morsels I have nearby.  With daring confidence, my mouse thinks nothing of opening a jar or digging in a canister to take whatever delectable treat he chooses.  Can I really reject such nerve?  Not I.  In fact, I find this to be a very charming creature, indeed.  My midnight snacking isn’t nearly as appealing as my friend’s is.  So I continue to put out more snacks than I really need, looking forward to the next raid.

     Last night, as my good husband wandered into my office, eyes bright and nose twitching ever so slightly, I commented that he was as bad as a mouse when he comes searching for snacks.  As mice go, I think I like my mouse best of all.  How many women can say they are married to a mouse?  Well, he’s certainly not a mouse in other ways, but like Walt Disney’s creation, he does keep me entertained.

     Until the next episode, be sure to keep a hug on.



2 thoughts on “A Very Large Mouse In The House

  1. It's a very loving gesture for you to leave good snacks out where he can find them….it makes his trips to your office space extra special…He's way better than anything Walt Disney could come up with….because he loves you!

  2. Perhaps you could sit out a treat specifically for your furry friend and keep yours secure in some plastic tupperwear that he can't get into. That way you get to keep your buddy and your snacks!

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