On The Eleventh Day of Christmas – A Shortcut In Winter

     Quick message tonight.  We’ve been without electricity, so I wasn’t able to post, except at Red Wagon Flights, last night.  Shortly after writing over there, the lights started flickering and I thought it best not to push the issue.  If I don’t get to see you before Christmas, I do hope you have a Merry Christmas and that the big guy in the red suit is good to you.

     One more idea before I go.  This is an idea that saves many hours, if you happen to heat your home, using wood.  I made firestarters today, just in time before we lost power, again.  Filling cupcake papers with sawdust, I then poured paraffin over the sawdust.  After letting that set-up, you can use these to start a fire, if you have a woodstove.  We have two of them and getting the wood to catch can be quite tedious, at times.  Just put the firestarter into your woodstove, stack the wood as you normally would (heheh, that sounds funny), above the firestarter, and light the cupcake paper.  The wax will let it burn long enough so your firewood can get a good fire going.

     If you don’t have a woodstove, but you know someone who does, believe me, this gift will be very appreciated .  I hope to see you tomorrow.  Stay warm, be happy and keep a hug on.     Yaya


8 thoughts on “On The Eleventh Day of Christmas – A Shortcut In Winter

  1. Good idea on that fire starter! I have been know to just stick a votive (unscented) underneath the stack. I will share with you love of my life's idea of a firestarter…….. a propane torch. Merry Christmas!!

  2. That's a great idea… just make sure that the sawdust (if derived from a non-organic source) and other items you're using (cupcake paper, etc) don't have toxic chemicals in them. You don't want to be releasing that into the house.I do have to say that if you want a nice smell and an amazing fire starter (and if they're on your property) then use evergreen branches. It'll make your place smell really good too. Oh hey… that's awesome. You could use portions of your Christmas tree as fire starter. After Christmas you can just save your tree and break it apart and use it. Just make sure you remove ALL of the toxic decorations off of it.See… I knew that one of these days I could help you out. Your tree will do an amazing job.Merry Christmas… Stay warm

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