On The Second Part of The Ninth Day of Christmas

     What fun we have been having!  Were you able to guess what my good husband and I have been up to?  In this season of love and giving, we so enjoy thinking up new ideas or new approaches to vintage ideas.  Such was the case over the weekend when we wanted to give gifts to many people whom we care for.

     You’ve probably heard about some of the creative ways that people give inexpensive gifts; coal, Elf Pillows, Snowman Soup and so many others.  Well, we decided to add our own twist to one of these.  When looking around for a unique idea, try this:  Snowman Poop!  No, No!  Not just ANY Snowman Poop.  This has a particular Eeeeeeewww! factor. Wanna’ know the secret?
     A couple of things.  One is Blueberry-flavored Yogurt Bites.  They look especially gross for being Snowman Poop, therefore quite appealing to little boys.  Also, we packaged them a little differently than someone else might have.  Starting with a brown-paper lunch sack, we… wait!  Let’s do this right.
     Supplies Needed:
          Brown-paper Lunch Sack
          One sheet of toilet paper
          Zip-shut Bags (ours were found in the craft section and measure 4 1/2″ tall by 2 3/4″ wide)
          Curl Ribbon
          Hole Punch
          Half a dozen Blueberry-flavored Yogurt Bites (found in the candy aisle of most large grocery stores – ours were packaged in containers much like you would find regular blueberries packaged in)
          Printouts of the following:
               T-P Your Snowman          and          the following poem:
                 Eeewww! Its snowman poop!
               But here’s the scoop,
               And this you might not know:
               You can eat this tasty treat,
               This lumpy, bumpy, dirty snow.
     First, place about half a dozen blueberry bites into zip-shut bag along with printout of poem.  If you let all the air out of the bag after placing the poem inside, the pressure will hold the poem in the position you want it to stay.
     Seal and place that bag inside brown bag.  Next, fold top of brown bag down until you can lay the bag somewhat flat.  Tape it shut and tape the message, “T-P Your Snowman” on the outside, slightly above where you taped the bag shut.  Over that message, tape the toilet paper sheet so it covers the message.  We used one thin layer so the message could be seen through the toilet paper.  Finally, punch a hole through the top of the brown bag and, having already curled your ribbon, run it through the hole.  Give the ribbon a bit of a twist and you’re done.  One gift with a sufficiently Eeeeeeewwwww! factor to please any daring recipient.
     Now, I’d like to ask you how you feel about this kind of a gift?  As a giver?  And if you were on the receiving end?  As always, keep a hug on.



5 thoughts on “On The Second Part of The Ninth Day of Christmas

  1. Haha that's so cute! I'm saving that idea and will definitely have to try it out.I just wanted to let you know we picked up our wood tokens at Michael's. They had bags of 22 pieces for $2!

  2. Hey Yaya! I liked your post, but afraid to say you lost me at EWWWWWWW yogurt bites. LOL! I'm not the yogurt kind of girl and neither are most of the people I know you can guess, most of us are a bit over wait. Wait, I do know at least one person who might like yogurt. I might just try that.Love ya!PJ

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