On The Ninth Day of Christmas

     I love Christmas.  Part of the reason I love Christmas so much is because Christmas is all about giving and I love giving.  One of the people whom I especially love getting creative for is my good husband.  Let me tell you, at the risk of sounding like I am gloating, I feel sorry for all of you who are not married to my good husband.  I know you must have wonderful hubbies, but I also know that I got the pick of the litter.  heheh

     I could go on and tell you all the wonderful reasons why I’m so glad he married me, but that’s actually not what this post is supposed to be about.  Instead, I will tell you about a marvelous toy I found online to make a gift that he seemed to really enjoy.  Have you ever Wordled?  haha.  No, I did not just make a major spelling error.  That is actually a word and a fun one, at that.

     Here’s what I did for my good husband’s Halloween birthday:  I wrote a story especially for him.  Then, I typed each of our kids’ and grandies’ names into a word document.  From there, I copy/pasted the story and all of the names (I used full names because the more words you have, the more fun your Wordle is) into the Wordle page.  Oh, wait!  I didn’t tell you where it was, did I?

     Well, just go to http://www.wordle.net/ and follow the instructions.  I chose to use a white background so I wouldn’t use too much ink.  I also printed the finished Wordle on card-stock paper so my good husband could frame it if he wanted to, which he did.  By clicking on Create and copy/pasting your word list into the open window, you can choose from a number of layouts and colors.  After copy/pasting your word list, click Go.  Next, you’ll see a window filled with a jumble of words.  Near the bottom of the page, click on Open In Window.  From there, you can experiment with all kinds of colors, backgrounds and layouts.

     I do hope you will go over to the Wordle board and create your own Wordle.  Besides having a great gift, you’ll have loads of fun.


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