On The Eighth Day of Christmas

     Imagination!  What a wonderful invention imagination is.  You know, if I were going to invent something, I think that’s what I would go with.  Why, with imagination, one can go places where pure logic just won’t take you.  Aren’t we lucky as humans to have been blessed with the ability to imagine ourselves creative?  Did you know that a Bumble Bee cannot fly?  Its true.  The Bumble Bee’s body is much too large for his tiny little wings to carry him.  Fortunately, no one has apparently spoiled the fun by informing the clever Bumble Bee, so he flies, anyway.

     We are like that.  Humans have the wonderful ability to see things for what they can be, not necessarily for what they are.  Take, for instance, logs.  Let’s say you have three log pieces of different widths, but close to the same size.  Paint each of those three log pieces white.  Let dry.  Then, on the bottom one, use a softened blue color to paint the effect of snow.  Paint a black spot, as if it were coal, right in the center.

  For the next, slightly smaller log, paint something akin to the neck and hanging scarf and another chunk of coal.  The smallest log, being the head, will have a hat and a face.  Use your imagination and give your snowman a totally unique personality.

     I don’t know who made this, but someone gave me a gift years ago that I adore.  I hope its okay to post a picture, as it was not made by me.  Mine are done with three different-sized round boxes and I believe they were a product of one of the candy manufacturers.

As you can see in the pictures, the last process is to stack your snowman so he looks properly put together.  Can’t you just see how charming this would look under the Christmas tree?
Keep a hug on.

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