The Sixth Day of Christmas

     As promised, tonight we’ll do something for the boys.  Just as little girls love dolls, so do little boys have certain things that come naturally to them, as well.  Of course, they collect treasures; rocks, sticks and shiny objects to be turned into something more interesting later on.  But what I have witnessed in my grandies, most especially the boys, is their love for leaping from tall buildings in a single bound.  The tall building may only be the kitchen stool, but where the imagination goes, I like to encourage it.  Therefore, it wasn’t too much of a stretch for me to come up with the perfect gift for a little boy.

     Do you sew?  Do you sew well or, just enough to get by?  The nice thing about this gift is you don’t have to be an assistant to Martha Stewart in order to make a child happy.  Depending on the size of the child, scrounge around for a piece of material.  Medium-size children would probably use about a yard square or thereabouts.  Solid colors are perfect, but don’t discount the ability of a child to overcome all kinds of obstacles with the help of their imaginations.

     Now, hem all four sides of the material and at one end, leave the ends open for a string to run through.  If you have a hand machine for creating snaps, that’s even better.  Next, simply run a string or a long strip of material through the opening and its all ready.  A cape.  Add imagination and one more child takes to the air.

     And from me… keep a hug on.


2 thoughts on “The Sixth Day of Christmas

  1. LOVE THIS IDEA TOO! You must just be the most fun yaya in the world!The blog changes are FABULOUS!!!! Isn't it easier to read? And it's still pretty color.One suggestion: The post title color makes the title hard to read because it's so light. Oh, but the rest of it is seriously wonderful!Great, great job.

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