On the third day of Christmas

     What a wonderful tool the internet is!  Did you know that you can go online and find numerous pictures to print and color, as well as word games, stories and poetry?  Of course, you don’t want to take anything that has copywrite limitations, but so many online sites allow for printing and coloring or playing later.  Here’s one site that allows you to print for later:  ABC Teach.  Another is here:  http://printables.caboose.com/.

     My grandies love it when I personalize a booklet of games and coloring pages for them.  Choose the games and coloring pages you want to use and print them out.  Next, print a cover page for your booklet, using card stock and cut to the desired size.  Then, having printed and cut each of the activity pages to the size you desire, paste or sew the pages together and giftwrap. If you have a little extra change lying around, buy the smallest package of crayons or colored pencils you can find and you’re all set.  Oh, in case you wonder why you have chosen the smallest box of crayons, I’ll tell you.  There’s a certain magic that goes with the smallest boxes; magic that simply is not included with the larger boxes.  Besides, with fewer crayons, there are fewer demands for decision-making and more time for imagination.

     A poem, a story and some games
     Are first three days of gifts galore.
     These gifts, you know, are not the same
     As other gifts.  Let’s do some more.

     So tomorrow’s gift will bring you even closer to your goal of twelve gifts for Christmas.  I hope you’ll join me so we can keep going.  Hmmmm.  I wonder where our next thoughts will lead us?

3 thoughts on “On the third day of Christmas

  1. This series of posts is ingenious! Great ideas and the kinds of things my mom did for us and I did for my kids when they were little. The internet DOES make things easier. Don't you wish we'd had that type of access years ago???

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