An Answer To A Word Search

     I have to apologize for the lateness of my post.  Although I had intended to post the answer to the word search last night, I’m afraid that my odd sleeping habits set me to snoozing at the computer by 7:00 PM.  Strangely, its difficult to type and snore at the same time, so I went with the ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

     Now, I am back and I shall give you the answers in the form of circled words.  What did you think?  Was this a fun way to share a bit of the Christmas season?  For myself, I feel that it was something I’d like to do again.  Judging by the responses I received, it would seem that you feel the same way.  So, until and unless you give me word that we should go a different route, I’m for it.

     Here’s another question.  Would you rather I stay with the Word Search pattern for awhile or, shall I try other types of puzzles, as well?  You help me decide.  And with that, here’s the answer key:


2 thoughts on “An Answer To A Word Search

  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it. I am going to be doing some giveaways, hopefully soon. I had someone offer to do a giveaway for me awhile back and then some medical issues kept her from doing. She is back to doing giveaways now, but I'm not sure when she will get to mine. Since then, I have had someone else offer to do a giveaway, so I'm going to take her up on it! Anyway, thanks so much for being a follower and leaving comments! You rock!! Summer

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