Game Time Saturday

     Did you happen to see the post about our December Visitor?  Have you had any December Visitors?

     Game time!  Now, let’s see if I can do this.  Below is a Christmas Word Search.  Looking backwards, forwards, up, down and diagonally, circle the words from the Word List.  I don’t know, yet, how to make this game playable online, but if you copy/paste it into your Word document, you should be able to play it on a printout.  If not, come back next Saturday and we’ll try again.  In fact, I will try to grow in my ability to upload games every Saturday, so I hope you’ll come back each week to watch my progress.

     Tomorrow, I’ll post the answer to tonight’s wordsearch.  I’d love to know your feelings about Game Time Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Game Time Saturday

  1. Hi PJ,Its always fun to get online and discover that you have been to visit. I enjoy your comments so much. Thank you. Did you find any extrra words this time? I like to do the same thing. Did you have any trouble printing the puzzle out? ~Yaya

  2. What a great idea. I used to do word puzzles for hours when I was a teen. Now I have to limit my free time to writing and reading and the kids. But I love this idea, and I will be checking back each week!! :0)

  3. Hi YaYa!Thank you for visiting me over at My Place ('ve really enjoyed looking at your blog too.Yes I designed my blog…it's all my work, except for the actual making of the graphics. Which reminds me I'll have to go make a thingy'majiggy to give credit to that.Thanks for posting the word search.I love those. I just printed mine off. 3 copies. We'll see how fast me and my girls can get it done. Hey, come on over any time.I just posted pictures of our snow from last night. What a HOOOOT.~Dawn

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