The tortured child

      Grown-ups always like to say things to confuse kids.  Have you ever noticed that?
     “If you think you’re going to get away with this, young lady, you’ve got another think coming!”

     “Another think coming” – – – just what do adults mean by that?  Grown-ups always say things like that. Like, “Behave yourself.” Did you ever wonder about that one? I mean, it’s so hard to concentrate on anything else she’s saying because I’m still working on “Behave yourself.”  And I’m being as ‘Have’ as I know how to be. (Please note the long ‘A’ on that word)
     I just hate it when grown-ups think up all these confusing phrases. Everybody knows they only do that to confuse kids. It works, too.  I’m still pondering the cruelty of the phrase, “Behave yourself.”

     What kinds of things did the adults in your life use to make your life miserable?  I’m just really anxious to learn if Behave was a word created just for torture purposes or if it really has a purpose.


6 thoughts on “The tortured child

  1. My father used to smack us while he was driving and we were in the back seat of the car….like batting a fly and he'd almost always miss (hitting us and hitting cars in the lane next to him.)We heard a lot of "Don't make me stop this car." Shoot, there were 5 of us kids…..

  2. Oh, I'm laughing hysterically here, yaya!! I say behave, but the way I say that single word certainly snaps my little ones to attention. LOLI always heard about… "Wipe that look off your face." How do I do that? Or, "You better knock that chip of your shoulder." What chip?? But my favorite was always hearing about my "tone of voice." One day I finally asked (about age nine) exactly what WAS A TUNA VOICE?!?!?!

  3. I like to say to my son- "It will take you longer to argue about it than it will do it." He hates that as much as I did.I think "I'll give you something to cry about" is the meanest thing you can say to a kid. Threatening, and unfair, because we all know when someone tells you to stop crying it makes you cry harder.

  4. I must confess that I said my share of idiotic things to my kids. One of their favorites was "Do you want to live to see tomorrow?". My husband's big sin was "I don't know is not an answer." I think the meaning of his was confusing, while mine left nothing to the imagination. I remember being swatted in the back seat as a child for whatever crime I was unwittingly committing. My dad referred to it as "back-handing". I gues because it was usually the back of his hand that got us.

  5. PJ, my mama played the game of swatting at flies and seldom connected, but my dad never missed. That's because if we didn't sit still and let him connect, it was a lot worse when he stopped the car.Kristi, I always hated that comment about wiping the look off my face. Being the commedianne that I have always been always got me into trouble with that one. Well, actually, if I could get Mama to laugh, things often got better. It was soooo hard not to make a joke with my dad, though. And I didn't dare. He never took kindly to those kinds of jokes.Marilyn,Thank you for coming to my home on the web. I do look forward to getting to know you. Blogging has become such a favorite thing in my life, mostly because of all the friends I have made.Oh, Lucy, don't you just hate yourself when you find that your parents' words are falling out of your mouth? And I agree; I'll give you something to cry about is definitely one of the worst. I'm such a blubberer because of that particular line from my youth. :-)Hahaha, Kathy. That business of living 'til tomorrow sent me pondering the possibilities so many times. "Well, now, let me think. I wouldn't have to do my homework." It got really bad when I would speak out-loud without meaning to.Just think, twenty years from now, all of our children will be reminiscing about those special moments with us. Doesn't it just give you goose bumps to think about it? ~ Yaya

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