Today, I cried

     I haven’t been blogging for very long, perhaps two or three months, once I actually understood a little of how to find my way around.  I enjoy it so much and I now understand the emotion that so many others express.  You see, I did not expect to care.  I thought that blogging was a world of anonymity.  A one-on-one relationship with my computer.

     Not too long ago, I met someone who was taken to the depths of despair by a loss that I have come too close to experiencing in my own life.  Twice.  When my new bloggie friend shared her own experiences, her description was such that I. Was. There.  I felt every emotion she felt.  The tree she leaned on also left marks on the side of my face as my tears joined hers in silent, heart-wrenching sobs.

     Though I have not met this lady in person and I have only known her for a very short time through Bloglandia, she is now in my heart to stay.  Are there things you were surprised by in becoming a blogger?  What experiences have you had?


6 thoughts on “Today, I cried

  1. Hi Joany, When I first began blogging, I was comfortably wrapped in a blanket of anonymity that was peeled away by a group of people with whom I can identify, from whom I've found support and by whom I am entertained. I'm most moved by honesty and vulnerability and I've begun some new fangled friendships!

  2. Like you I did not expect to care so much for those I ahve met through tthis media; nor did I expect to be able to share so much of myself. This was supposed to be an exercise in writing. It has been that and so much more!

  3. I think the best thing for me has been connecting to other writers journeys and seeing that we share so many experiences. Being able to learn from those farther along in their journey than me and helping those that are not as far along as I am. Almost makes me want to blog about my own writing journeys, almost.

  4. Hi Joany,Your blog is lovely. Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas.Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked if I do Nano, No, I've wanted to, but I'm already struggling with one story. I don't dare start another.

  5. Blogger buddies are wonderful. This writing thing is a lonely road and I don't know what I'd do without everybody! I'm so glad that you've "met" so many wonderful people.

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