A Baby’s First Thanksgiving

     It was my first son’s first Thanksgiving and we wanted it to be special.  He was only five months old and couldn’t possibly remember anything about it, but we really wanted to make it something we could tell him about as he grew.  How could we make this Thanksgiving Day memorable for him?

     Then, it happened.  We got word that we would be moving and we had all of one day to get ‘er done.  The landlord didn’t want us to leave, but something about living in a mouse-infested trailer house just failed to make me wanna’ stay.  Go figure, huh?  When we got the word that we had another option, we jumped on it.

     So, on Thanksgiving Day, we woke up early and stayed up late.  We hadn’t learned of the mice until too late in our previous dwelling.  (I was never quite able to think of that place as home.)  This time, we had made sure there were no extra occupants and we were SO. READY. to. go.

     Finally, at 11:45 that night, we sat down to my baby’s first Thanksgiving Dinner, one which he was also able to participate in, in spite of nursing.  I can say with all honesty that, after living for two months with the pitter-patter of little mouse feet, it was one of the best meals of Oyster Stew I have ever made.  And I no longer had to worry that something would capture one of us while we slept.

     Oh, and did I mention that we managed to make it a memorable day?


6 thoughts on “A Baby’s First Thanksgiving

  1. Mice freak me out and roaches in my house freak me out just as bad. My ex husband moved us into a mouse/roach infested home but of course I didn't find out until the mice/roaches got comfortable enough with us to make their presence known. Icky! I ended up taking the kids and moving into my grandmother's house. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can't figure out where my post about Disqus went. I'm going to check it out. I stink at giving directions but I tried. That post took me a while to post so I'm definitely going to look for it. lol

  2. It was definitely memorable. Bleeeeehhhh! Mice! Roaches! Aaaghh! I was so glad to move away from there. My good hubby-buddy didn't have a clue about the mice, but once he found out, we started searching for another place immediately.In-laws, yes. Roaches, mice… Bleh! No!It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to the only food-service in town, a cafe'. The owner studied French Cooking in New York. He and his wife are AMAZING COOKS! Life is good when your cook is a chef. mmmmmm, good. I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving, too ~ Yaya

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