Can you help me?  I don’t know why, but my friends have all disappeared… on both my blogs; this one you are reading and this one.  Where it says, “Friends,” everyone is gone.  Have I been deserted?  (heheh. No, I don’t mean like in Apple Pie and ice cream… silly you).     I just feel so all alone.  No friendly faces to look at.  No reminder that there are some people who think I have worth.  In short, I seem to have lost alllll my friends.  Can you help me find them?  I have looked under the rug.  I looked in the closet.  I even looked behind the refrigerator, but no friends, anywhere.
Please help me figure out where all my friends got off to.  And for anything you can do to help… thank you.

13 thoughts on “Heeeeeeeellllppp!!!

  1. Your friends are here…they're on the top of your side bar! I've been checking your blog daily, but you don't post daily so I haven't had a spot to say hi.Thanks for your kind words on my post about Scotty yesterday.

  2. Hi PJ,I noticed after I posted that a lot of people were missing their friends from their friend places. I don't know what was going on, but none of the friends were showing up on many, many of the blogs. Then, all at once, everybody hurried back to where they belonged and I was happy, again. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I was finding my way into that old familiar place of discouragement on accounta' I didn't see anyone sometimes and I thought I was all alone. I'm so glad I'm not. ~ Yaya

  3. Hello Corey,I enjoyed reading your blog. Its quite interesting and I had a good time.As far as reading your daughter's blog, it never occurred to me to see how old she was. When I saw what you said about her posting, I wanted to see just what she had posted. Then, I was thrilled to learn that she was another fan of Junie B. Jones.You can ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that Junie B. Jones is definitely among my favorites. I really was not coddling a five year old when I commented on her site. I was responding to another fan of something I love.Thank you for encouraging your daughter to write. Its something I have always loved doing and my only regret is that there are not more hours in the day so I can write even more. Keep up the good work… on your site and in encouraging your children the way you do. ~ Yaya

  4. Thank you so much, Susan, for being persistant in your efforts to visit. I so love reading your blog, so it just thrills me to have you come by for a visit.I noticed on one of the blogs I visited that someone had moved her friends to the absolute bottom of the page, stating that when blogspot got their act together, she would bring everybody back up to the top. That's when I began to realize that I was not the only person who had been deprived of my friends.I'm so thankful that everyone is back and I shall try to declare my presence every day on my blog, from now on. 'Course, I already think that I have fallen behind by a day in my new resolve, so I hope you will still keep checking back often. ~ Yaya

  5. Jenny,Thank you for your kind words. I have so enjoyed my visit in France, thanks to your wonderful descriptions. You do make it feel as if I am there. I can smell the glorious aromas, taste the amazing treats and even feel the sun on my face as I walk with you and your family from one incredible sight to the next. I keep going back to read again those marvelous words that don't make me stay behind, but sweep me up and carry me along. Thank you for the journey. I am enjoying it sooooo much. ~ Yaya

  6. Hi Yaya,I'm so glad you stopped in. Thanks for the hugs. None of us ever gets too many of those.Amy,Hello. Yeah, when I realized that I wasn't the only person in all the millions of bloggers who had lost all my friends, I started feeling a little better. Still, it was a little disturbing to feel so vulnerable, ya' know? 🙂 ~ Yaya

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