Share and Share, Alike

Don’t you just love to share? I do. I think that’s why I love writing so much. In the twentieth century, we are very blessed, indeed, to be able to write and have people from ‘Virtually’ anywhere read what we have written. By the way, that pun was intended. Fun pun, huh?
Today, I’d like to share my other blog with you and ask if you would mind sharing my blog with two other people. But I’m not asking without offering. Every person who comments or joins my blog in the next seven days will be rewarded. I will be sure to go to your blog and comment, as well as linking to your blog so others can find you, too. If you join or comment on both sites, I will link to your blog from both here and Red Wagon Flights.
I love shouting to the masses, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but I’m finding that I’m a real ‘Word Hog’ and would love to make even more friends. Thank you all for reading Yaya’s Changing World. I didn’t realize how much you would change me by your kindness.


9 thoughts on “Share and Share, Alike

  1. Hi Yaya, I went on over and am now following your other blog too. It's refreshingly different! How on earth do you have time to write two blogs? Teach me your secrets, oh Master of Bloglandia….

  2. Hello PJ,Its good to see you. Who has time? I just keep right on typing… through dinner, through sleep, through all the other 'non'-essentials. haha. Thank you for your nice words, but after reading your last post, I assure you, it is I who should be learning from you.Hi Liana,Welcome to my blog. I'm so glad you're here.Yes, I know that Yaya in Greek means Gramma', although I didn't know that when I first heard it.When my oldest son began talking, that's what he called my mama. After about a year and another baby who also called her Yaya, Mama told me what it meant. Interestingly, we are not Greek. We are Swedish.Of all my mama's grandchildren, mine were the only ones who called her Yaya. When my kids began having kids, the tradition continued. I really like it. Do you? ~ Yaya

  3. My dad's Greek and is Papou to my children. My mom's YiaYia. I love you've adopted this beatiful name. I've always wondered why other languages have simple terms for grandparents while our are so difficult to say.

  4. Hi Caroline,Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.When Mama was with us, it seemed that all of the neighborhood children called her Yaya, too. I believe it is because Yaya sounds like such a precious and endearing name. And everybody loved the first Yaya in our family.I've always been so glad that my son began calling my mama 'Yaya' and I've often thought that my nieces and nephews sort of missed out on something special by not also calling her 'Yaya.'I never really knew if we were spelling it correctly. Thanks for showing me the true spelling. We have used this spelling for so long that I think my adult children and all of my grandies would rebel if I were to change it.I like the name Papou. I've often wondered what the Greek name for Grampa' was. Another thanks for letting me know. ~ Yaya

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to meet you. I'll put a link there and also visit your other site. BTW, this blog is gorgeous. Love your background. Wish I knew how to do all this fancy stuff. I'm plain old generic.Beverly

  6. Hi Beverly,Thanks for dropping by. Actually, we met on the Writer's Retreat when you were there. I learned a lot from you. With all the people you meet, I'm amazed that you have time to do any writing, really.I linked your character's photo, from you clicking to follow, to your 'Rebel' site. Would you rather that I link it somewhere else? Its not a problem, if you want me to.By the way, after reading the excerpt on your 'Rebel' site, I can hardly wait to read your books. Kudos. ~ Yaya

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