Antique Double-desk ~ What a find!

Well, this is a first. I just learned of a blogger who is having an “I’m A Flea Marketeer Party” and I just wanted to spread the word. I’d also love to win the prize; a bag (as in, purse, I believe) made from coffee bean bags.  Now, could there be anything more charming?  I ask you.
If you’d like a chance to win this lovely bag, scoot on over there and post a picture of your blog entry about your favorite flea-market find. Mine is an ‘Old English Double-desk’ that we found for $7 shortly after we got married. In my home, it is now 37 years old. I wonder how old it was before I got it. It has stood up through my husband’s college, all of my children’s schooling and asundry neighboring children and business deals. All in all, I’d say we have gotten our money’s worth, wouldn’t you?
Here’s the link to the party:


12 thoughts on “Antique Double-desk ~ What a find!

  1. Thank you all for visiting and leaving comment. You have made this blogger 'One happy camper' and I am dancing and squeeling in delight.I was so busy visiting each of your blogs and enjoying the fun of reading them all that I almost forgot to thank you for comin' 'round and seein' me. Thank you so much.Hope to see you all again, both here and at your blogging homes. Its nice to have you stop by. ~ Yaya

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