My Favorite Room In The House

In my house, there is a room where I spend lots of time. I love to write; articles, stories, poems, thoughts. This is a place where I can put in black and white the many feelings that make up who I am. This is where I can talk about home and family; where I can discuss the thrill that country life brings me.
Do you have a place like that? Somewhere that feels like it belongs in your heart? Actually, my entire home feels that way, but my office is where I spend most of my time. In truth, the room is small and ‘Hugs’ me with its closeness because I have it filled with tools, supplies and toys for the things I like to do. You know, the kinds of things that bring me joy, such as crafts, technology and books. I just don’t think I could do it without all of these supplies, although I’m sure Peter Walsh would beg to differ. My system for accessing my tools may not be the best, but when I want to work magic with the many tools related to crafts, I burrow and search until I have found the item that will do the job I wish to do.

That’s whey I have created Yaya’s Home; so I would have the ‘Virtual’ space to expand my interests and my capabilities. In this, my ‘Virtual Office,’ space is unlimited and the only thing holding me back from the perfect system of organization is lack of knowledge. Fortunately, that is something that is being remedied, even as I type. In the past month, I have begun to learn some of the steps to building a blog and I will be learning much more in the days ahead, I’m sure. You are welcome to follow as I begin to apply ever-newer steps to building a ‘Virtual’ office and sharing with you my ‘Home On The Internet.’ I’m looking forward to each new level of education. You might also enjoy watching this site to see if I do, indeed, learn how to decorate and organize in this, my ‘Virtual World.’ Welcome to my world.


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